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Thoughts On: Gallery Weekend Berlin 2018 (Part Three: AA Bronson + General Idea)

AA Bronson + General Idea, 1968 - 2018

Catch Me If You Can! at Esther Schipper, Potsdamer Straße 81E, Berlin

If I was to choose an overall visual thematic from Gallery Weekend Berlin 2018, the penis would likely win. From the ball of penises I mentioned in my article on NGORONGORO II to this retrospective Catch Me If You Can! the penis seemed to truly be the object du jour. Perhaps that this particular show featured so many iterations of the phallus, and so much gay imagery, is a little less surprising when you already know something about the Canadian artist AA Bronson and his history.

50 years ago Bronson and two fellow artists: Felix Partz and Jorge Zontalfounded a group (active 1967 - 1994) that they called General Idea after a gallery mistook the title of the exhibition they wanted to mount for the name of the group. All gay men, their artistic practices (both together and as individuals) flourished in Vancouver and later New York. Their approach was freely interdisciplinary, and Br…

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