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Image Analysis (Opinion): Femme au Jardin, Pablo Picasso and Julio Gonzalez

Femme au Jardin contains many difficult planes and interactions between the disparate pieces and as Picasso was not trained in sculpture he would have neededGonzàlez’s expertise in order to achieve the assemblage. The sculpture, as in Cubist Painting, takes elements of a scene, reduces them to basic forms and mixes them up.

On close scrutiny you can understand the flick on the top right to be titular woman’s hair, her arms looping round under her elongated neck, a bean shaped kidney inside the loose form of her body, the skewed table angle and legs, and the exuberantly blooming flowers on the left. The disjointed components, inspired by natural forms but brought together in a harsh material, explore the Cubist idea of deconstruction while at the same time, the reconstructing of scraps gathered from the “cutting room floor” and repurposed to make something new, allude to a rebirth or repurposing.

There are two versions of this sculpture which was the last in a series of unsuccessful desi…

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