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Thoughts On: Manifesta12 2018 (Part Two: Theatre of The Sun)

I was intending this as my second essay looking in detail at socially-minded art projects, inspired by my visit to 2018’s Manifesta (M12) hosted by Palermo in Sicily. As I have laboured over my thoughts, research and writing I have come to realise that I have too much to say, and there is too much depth to my response to Theatre of The Sun for it to fit into the 3,000 word limit that I set myself.

As I write this, I am on the verge of beginning my Honours year of my degree in Contemporary Art Practice. Part of my submission for my degree will be a dissertation, which I have been completely petrified about beginning. I have been tossing and turning so many ideas around in my head, staring at a mountain of unread theory books that I keep buying hoping that I will stumble across the spark of inspiration that will sustain me through the next three months of intense and hellish research and writing...

Every day I try to will myself to look at this essay, to refine it, to finish it... but I…

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