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Thoughts On: Berlin Gallery Weekend 2018 (Part Four: Los Carpinteros)

Los CarpinterosEl Otro, El Mismo / The Other, The Same at KOW, Brunnenstrasse. 9, Berlin.It was early in what turned into a blindingly hot summer, and with the large doors to the street flung open wide, the heat and bright light bursting into the main gallery space from outside, I encountered for the first time the work of Cuban Artist Collective Los Carpinteros at KOW. 

The gallery space was very differently presented from my previous visit to see Candice Breitz's Love Storyin 2017. Then, I recall carefully descending into complete darkness, through a towering stage curtain, into a space completely dominated by Breitz's powerful video work. On this visit though, it is the sculpture Celosia Marroqui and that bright sunlight that dominate the main space. The hand crafted Moroccan tiles of Celosia Marroqui throw into sharp relief the poured concrete walls of the gallery; to the right, the quadricht Ceiba I (pictured above) hangs; upstairs visitors partake of the complimentary ref…

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