Illustration: Alice in Wonderland

If you go chasing rabbits...

I was re-organising my art-work folders last night when I came across this little gem. Quite often I find that looking back on previous works I almost cringe, thinking 'what the hell was I doing!?' but I really loved this piece when I was creating it and still love it now.

It came about because we held an "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" themed party at my flat at the beginning of last year. To make it extra special we decided to make invitations, and used this illustration as the front cover.

A few years ago I was quite into creating Alice in Wonderland art and would spend my commute to college doodling little Alice pictures (when I could get a seat on the train!).

I think the appeal of Alice is quite obvious - there is so much fantastic, surreal psychedelic imagery in the text. It's a veritable playground for the imagination! There is so much work out there inspired by it, and so many different interpretations that the topic seems limitless.

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