Maisie From Newington's Big Festival Adventure: Day Eight / Nine

I deliver my bicycle to the best bike shop in town (well, it's the closest one) and collect it the next day. They say that although she'll keep going and going ang going I shouldn't really bother spending any more money on her. That the gears (Sturmey Archer) will wear out eventually, that apparantly they're not in good nick (well duh they keep slipping out) while I'm cycling her and that soon it may be time for a new baby - I mean bicycle. But I can't abandon her yet!!! And when I do I won't chuck her out I'll hang her in my hall on those bicycle hanging thingies. Oh Maisie this could be your last swan song! She's 1984 vintage Raliegh, a good old sturdy British ladies city bike. I don't want her to die! I must take much better care of her from now on.

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