Maisie From Newington's Big Festival Adventure: Day One

So… I see these blogs everywhere of people taking pictures of teddybears or other inanimate objects in various places around the world on their great gap years or whatever. Or I even have three friends who have done similar projects, James (a photographer) took pictures of lost random objects such as hats, gloves, keys etc. on the streets around Edinburgh and made an exhibition of the photographs. Another, Sophie (a conceptual artist) was taking pictures of lost gloves on the street like little disembodied hands. And my friend Anna (a fine artist) who is taking pictures of smiley faces – I can’t reveal what for though… So, I’ve always had it in my head that I want to have my own little fun project to do day to day – quick and easy. But, I have to confess I have no interest in travelling so I can’t take any teddy bears anywhere (although I did take some funky plastic ducks to Amsterdam) and I don’t think I’d remember to take an object with me everywhere anyway and I’m not observant enough to take pictures of lost/’found’ objects.
So there I was in the Peartree Pub last night wondering what I could do, what I take everywhere with me, and then it hit me! My bicycle! (which is called Maisie) So here we are, with my latest project ‘Everywhere I chain my bicycle’. A random project for the random month of August. Which is festival time by the way for anyone who reads this and doesn’t live in Edinburgh. I.e. you, faithful blog follower.

This project will consist of hastily snapped photographs of my beloved bicycle in various locations around Edinburgh over the next three weeks until the 31st of August. I am going to try and keep the photographs irreverent and inconsequential, and I will try not to go anywhere exciting just to take a photograph of my bicycle there. I want to make this a genuine record of our adventures, and at the end I will get a map and mark it with all the streets I have parked on. For no reason whatsoever but that of my own amusement

High Street - Morning

Forrest Rd - Morning

Keir St - Morning

Buccleuch St - Evening

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