Life Drawing: Squinty Head

Portrait of Komachi, Pencil on Paper, 2011
.. and so we shall name you "Squinty Head"

... for the right hand side of your face is squint. SQUINTY! Ahem. So, to keep updating, here is SQUINTY HEAD a 20minute drawing from my latest life drawing adventures. I was so totally not focused it was unbelievable. I could hardly put pencil/willow charcoal to paper. BRAIN was like... "duhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" and I was like "BRAIN! we need to focus!" and BRAIN was like... "duhhhhhhhhhhhhhh". And I was like "Well it has been a long and exhausting day so I won't penalise you." and BRAIN was like... "duhhhhhhhhhhhhhh".

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