Illustration: The End of Eternity

Guess what.... I just realised that my pride and joy has no space on the inter-web!

And so follows my final book-cover solution for The End of Eternity by Isaac Asimov... this was the last Graded Unit for my HND. I got an A and an award for significant achievement. WOOP!

The book is all about a group of scientists and mathematicians in the future who are slicing through time and changing little things and people's lives for "the betterment of mankind". For example, killing ten men in 1604 and delaying the invention of gunpowder in order that 51,000 people won't die in 2007 kind of idea. Trying to balance out good & evil for the 'greater good'. Re-adjusting time-lines and history. The main protagonist is one of the people who actually go through time physically making the changes.

I think that the book really raises some great philosophical questions about the value of life, of your own individual life and the way that you relate to the rest of humanity and the world around you. Science fiction can be sidelined as nonsense and spaceships and sexy women (a lot of it is nonsense) but truly great writers of the genre use the huge wide-open scope of imagination to explore different philosophies and ideas of utopia/dystopia. What if we did this? What if society was actually structured like this? etc.

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