Still Life: Painting

So begins the painting...

Last night I went to my first painting class. We didn't do any painting as such- or use any colour.. what we did do was take inspiration from the artist William Scott, two links to which I have posted below, and tried to capture some of the language of his paintings.

First the inspiration:

Now mine in charcoal, trying to reduce the shapes of the pots, lose unimportant information, create in just black and white. Well, it was difficult to try to not care about the ellipses, and the proper shading and what not but I think it is a successful piece none the less.

And secondly an even more reduced, abstract and graphic piece altogether:

And mine again, in ink this time.. a medium I do love as you know. I like this one better, it feels more like mine but it doesn't look at all as abstracted as Scott's.

And there you have it for now. I shan't be doing the IF this week as I simply don't have time. I will try to squeeze in another painting- I have begun drawing it so perhaps I should try to incorporate what I have learned from this week's painting class into it. We shall see... I shan't promise anything.

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