Painting: Oil Take Two

.. it is still wet in this photo but I wanted to share my second oil painting. I'm not confident at all in this medium.. I find it too confusing at the moment. We are working with this incredibly reduced palate too. I understand it is quite a traditional set of four colours. Then, mixing between them to create extra colours as needed. Somehow, I struggle to see the model in these colours.. I also desperately need new glasses(!) so think this might be part of the problem...

I took to using my hands again, which leaves me in a terrible mess but is just so much easier for me. Wishing I had time to let the oils dry and build layer upon layer.. they get so smushed up together.

This work seems to be to be very unlike anything I have done before, and I think I am unnerved by that.

Now we have commenced planning another figurative oil, that will be finished in about two to three weeks time.

Also here is a small detail of a card cut which I am in the process of working on.

It has been quite a lengthy process of cutting and figuring out the black/white ratio.. I am aiming to have that finished and printed by Monday night.

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