Painting: Oils...


Aren't we all so proud.............

I'm not exactly taking to them like a duck to water or anything but I will continue to try my best. It's my "personal journey", as a friend of mine recently said. I enjoy my streaks and I put the paler colour on with my HANDS, because honestly the brushes they have for us to use at the School have been being used all year and (yes, I AM going to blame the brushes and not my inexperience at painting) leave a little to be desired in terms of their condition.


It's not awful and there is something to be said for the fact I did it with a migraine.

OIL NUMBER TWO: This little beauty is the under-painting of what is clearly going to be an utter MASTERPIECE.

MASTERPIECE I repeat. Did you get that?

I quite like him now though too. Every stage is a revelation when you are learning and pretty much have 0% idea of what you are doing on any level. Having fun though is KEY to the whole process.

I think I will finish it off entirely using my hands next week- a far more reliable tool than trying to wield a brush about.

Who wants it to look like something somebody else has painted anyway, I want it to look like it's mine! And I'm a bold one.

Can't wait to get my hands on a copy of the mono prints I made on Monday. They are bold and colouriffic.

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