AIYF Residency

PopUp Gallery Flier, designer unknown

       At the end of July I undertook an eight-day residency in the AIYF Pop-Up Gallery, (in Unit 38 in the Bon Accord Centre). 

       The principle philosophy behind the AIYF Pop-Up Gallery was a space in which families could spend time together, and use this time connecting with each other through a creative medium. The space had been operating as an open project space for two months prior to my residency, with various local artists invited to take over a section of the shop floor with their own works while running some craft projects and activities on a drop in basis. During my residency I created an ongoing project to involve children and adults creating their own Carboard City. We pre-cut house and building shapes for children and adults to decorate and I drew a large city-scape on paper behind.

Detail from The Cardboard City, 2017

       The overall theme of the 2017 AIYF Festival was See The World in Aberdeen, with the imagery revolving around Hot Air Balloons. As such the space was filled with hot air balloons of every shape, size and form imaginable. I was the last Artist to take up the residency and I wanted to leave a legacy which complimented (but did not become lost within) the already crowded space. So I decided to build a city scape, that would enhance the scene as it had begun to be set. My aim was to reflect the aesthetic of the hand made balloons which were already installed. I felt that the strongest feature of the balloons was their individuality, and the way in which each reflected the personality of its own creator. I wanted to bring this strength to my project, but knew I would need to create limitations in order to guide the public towards a cohesive work. As you entered the space, the sheer number of balloons was overwhelming and encouraged the public to spend a lot of time looking *up*. So, my last intention was to give the space a more grounded feel, rewarding for the viewer who turned their gaze to the ground. 

Arranging the °buildings° of
The Cardboard City, 2017

       The project was well received by the public and other Artists who were in the Gallery with me during the week. I was very pleased with the creativity and enthusiasm of the participants of the project, and the engagement which took place between visitors who did not participate but entered the Gallery to simply view what was on. I intend to continue the large drawing which measures approximately 5m by 1.3m. The buildings which I am drawing, and the participants of the Project drew are not based on any particular city, but come from a place of imagination and idealisation as to what their dream city would look like. Taken together, the drawings and buildings of The Cardboard City represent a place of collective imagination and infinite possibility. 

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