Dial A for Whispers

Photo of Dial A for Whispers, GoMA, 7.9.17 by Isla Huxley

       On the 7th September 2017, I and four other artists from Gray's School of Art took over Gallery One at GoMA for an interactive performance based on Silent Telephone. In place of a whisper, an object was created, and the public was invited to rate each piece according to two criteria: whether the object is Art or Not Art; whether the object is Valuable or Not Valuable. The result being that the produced objects were placed in four categories, defined within each quadrant as: Art Valuable / Art Not-Valuable / Not-Art Valuable / Not-Art Not-Valuable.

Photo of Dial A for Whispers, GoMA 7.9.17
by Isla Huxley
       We made an application for the space in accordance with the guidelines laid out by Marie Mul's Exhibition is Cancelled. The basis of the inspiration came from our research into the purpose for which the building was originally constructed, and debating the current purpose and use of art, the art object and the artist. The basis for the design of the performance originates from the idea of art production as an industry, as created in a factory, the limits of designing a process for the creation of art and the subsequent way in which the public judge what makes an object or work of value and what makes it art. Ultimately demonstrating that no matter the process, in the end it is only the opinion of the public which becomes important - and they who have the final decision on whether the work is successful in its quest to fulfill its purpose (or not).

Photo of Dial A for Whispers, 7.9.17 by Isla Huxley
       We intend to continue this project taking on board what we have learned from this first performance.


Indie McCue

Abigail Beeley
Leila Kleineidam
Andrew Meechan
Daria Abdirova

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